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My name is Ishwarya and I hail from the southern part of India (generally very hot and humid). Even though I didn’t have any complaints about that, moving to Oregon has been a welcome change (the weather is amazing). It’s amazing to experience the 4 seasons and a variety of weather and climatic conditions every year.

I started off my career in the Information Technology field with a degree in Computer Science. I enjoyed my work a lot. But deep down, I had a craving to do something more creative. I have always liked to work on things with my hands (my kinesthetic senses are definitely better than my other senses). I stumbled upon calligraphy and I fell in love with it immediately. I started learning calligraphy in 2018 and there was no looking back. Soon after I started doing hand lettering too.  My desire to create has given so much meaning to my life.

In the early part of 2020, I was thinking of getting serious about this as a “profession”. While the corona pandemic struck the outside world, the seed of setting up my own business got planted in my inside world. It has now germinated in the form of ‘The Fresh Hues’. This name is very close to my heart and resonates well with me and my personality so much. I am somebody who always wants to bring about a fresh vibe around. I can't wait to see what the future holds. I am happy that I can help my clients bring their vision to life on their big day.

Also, I am a big-time DIY enthusiast (by now I hope it’s not a surprise), especially love using power tools (still learning and exploring the myriad options available in the market). You can find me doing home improvement projects, when away from calligraphy. With some music (could be any genre), strategic board games (I can be fiercely competitive – you can ask my husband), cheese balls (bring the big bag/box please) - I am all in and set. My current favorite TV show is Schitt's Creek (so happy that they won numerous Emmys) "Ew, David"


PC: crystalgenesphotography

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