Ordering Process?

Step 1: Fill and submit the contact form.

Step 2: I will send you the price quote.

Step 3: Once we are aligned with the order, the contract must be signed, and a 50% fee to be payed upfront as the first installment.

Step 4: Work will be completed closer to the event date.

Step 5: Remaining amount (final installment) to be paid during pickup.


Turn around time?

Remember each piece is done by hand and takes time. Usually my turn around time is 3 - 4 weeks before your event, depending upon the project. Any request earlier than 3 weeks will include a Rush Fee. Please email me for clarifications.


Do you provide Rentals?

Only Chalkboard and Wooden signages are available for rental. Please enquire for sizes, it can be customized. Rentals are to be returned within two days after the event.


Pick up and Drop off?

Pick-up and drop-off options are available. Please inquire for more details.


Mirror Lettering?

People in and around Portland, can drop off your mirrors and I am happy to letter on it as per your need (I do not provide mirror for rental). I can write with water based marker, so you can erase after the event and use in your home.


Design fee & Shipping fee?

Any illustration big or small will be charged according to your design needs. Shipping fee and design fee will be included in the second installment separately, according to the specifications requested. Enquire for the estimated quote.


Envelope Addressing process?

I don't provide envelopes, but can provide you names of the stationery vendors I prefer. You can mail your blank envelopes (please make sure it is 80T or above) to me. I will beautifully write the guest addresses as per your request and mail them back to you. Please make sure to send  10-15% extra blank envelopes, incase of any errors and last-minute additions or changes to your guest list. Send  your guest address list in a spreadsheet with separate information in each column: names; address line 1; address line 2; and city, state and ZIP code. Check your list twice and make sure someone else familiar with the names takes a careful look as well. Don't forget to include titles like Mr., Mrs. and Honorable. 


Signage process?

Once we agree upon our order, I'll send you the template in a form of questionnaire to fill in the details for the requested signs. Please ensure to include all the requested details. Additional design charges may apply for floral detailing, illustrations, etc.


About Place Cards

I provide various materials for place cards. Popular ones include agate, sea glass, different shapes of acrylic, marble, textured paper - the options are endless. Check out some of the collections from my gallery. Do not forget that we can bring custom elements to the place cards. So, if you have any inspiration in mind, please feel free to share us your Pinterest board or your thoughts.  Please contact for any custom work.


 Other Events 

I also provide services for other events like Birthdays, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Anniversary, Corporate events, Onsite Calligraphy, etc. Please contact me to discuss further.