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On-site calligraphy event at Tiffany & Co. Portland

Onsite Calligraphy/ Engraving

Calligraphy/ engraving is a unique way to add customization to your product. 


I provide real-time bespoke personalization to your customers on important occasions that they will cherish forever. It is great for event activations, seasonal sales, corporate or social events, product & media launches, trade shows, and any other special occasions. The calligraphy/engraving table is generally the most popular station at any event, bringing your branded item an additional boost of popularity.


The thing I love most about on-site calligraphy/engraving is the excitement on the customer's faces while I write their loved ones' names or messages. 


Ready to create a more positive and lasting impression of your brand and the event?

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Some of the popular surfaces:

Cards, jewelry boxes/ pouch, perfumes, lipsticks, candles, plastic cases, metal boxes, ceramics, leather tags, wine bottles, etc.

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